Welcome. Male and female players required. No previous rugby experience necessary. Learn the basics in less than five minutes. There is no tackling, kicking, scrums or line-outs. All you need to have is a desire for a good run around. Like Ultimate, touch is co-ed and great fun!. If your rugby playing days have disappeared over the horizon this is an opportunity to safely relive your glory years. If you are a regular player who wants to keep the feel of the game during the winter, this is an opportunity to keep sharp. Don't worry about your fitness level, we allow unlimited substitutions. However, if you require oxygen, please bring your own tanks. Touch is a fabulous game. Try it, you'll love it mate..

June 12 2016 ... Touch continues at CRU

There are still Full Time and Drop - In spots available. Just send me an E-Mail with your request.

$31.97 Rugby Canada Insurance

$68.00 Full Time Player’s Fee for 35 games


$31.97 Rugby Canada Insurance
$7.00 Nightly Drop-In Player’s Fee

You must have your “Canada Rugby Insurance” for 2016 before you step on to the field. The insurance can only be purchased online and the link and instructions are appended below. I have full access to the Calgary Touch Association Link to confirm a player’s payment/insurance status.

Each evening you will have full usage of the field, locker rooms, showers (Kitchen & Bar when Open). The CRU offers a superior facility so please come on down and play.


Please access the Canada Rugby link below to set up a “Sport Ngin” account.


The button to set up your Sport Ngin account can be found at the top left of the Canada Rugby page under “Create an Account”. The account will allow me to view the status of our insured players and those that can play on the fields at the CRU.

Once you have an active Sport Ngin account please re-sign into the Rugby Canada Link.


You are already on the Alberta Rugby page. Please scroll down to our “Calgary Touch Association” link and press “Register Here”. You can now register with Rugby Canada and purchase your Insurance for $31.97 and play all season long.

Hope to see you on the pitch.


- Big Rock Brewery comes through again.

Calgary touch supports Big Rock Brewery. You should too !

If you would like to know more about touch in Calgary e-mail the following:

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Calgary Tourney 2011
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